Managed FIX Routing Solutions

TRAFiX proprietary FIX engine & connectivity services are offered as a fully managed standalone product as well as a complimentary service to the Order & Execution Management Systems. It was built using the latest design and technology and provides a key emphasis on Speed, Efficiency, Reliability & Scalability.

  • Fully open enterprise architecture allows users to receive and route orders over any network
  • Pre-trade risk management controls
  • Ability to search and export FIX logs in real-time for rapid support
  • Automated routing rules based on customer, quantity, symbol & more
  • Superior Performance
  • High Efficiency
  • Low-latency
  • Reliable, Stable Connectivity with Real-time Monitoring Capabilities
  • Load balancing between primary & backup servers using ACTIVE/ACTIVE mode
  • Proactive alerts indicating potential connectivity issues or downtime
  • Rapid turnaround time of adding new FIX connections or certifications
  • Complete message normalization
  • Consolidated Audit Trail (CAT NMS) Reporting
  • 24X6 Service & Support
  • Highly experienced & rapidly responsive support team

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